[EMS Discuss] Board Minutes Online

Mon Mar 12 16:15:26 PDT 2012

I forgot to reply-all on the last message, so I am re-sending it here:

I believe the wiki is in HTTPS format only.  The result you get the
warning is because the certificate for the wiki is self signed.  You
can just ignore that since you aren't submitting any sensitive data to
the wiki site.

In regards to the formatting, I think that should be a topic of
discussion during the membership meeting next week.  Everyone could
have a different opinion about the formatting or even about if they
think formatting of minutes is important at all.  So it would probably
be best to hear everyone's thoughts and we can just go by what the
majority thinks.  If you like that idea let me know and I'll add it to
my agenda for things to discuss during that meeting.

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 3:54 PM, InEugene <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> Is that supposed to be https or http, because I got a "The site's security
> certificate is not trusted!" when I clicked on the link. Also, I'd
> personally like to see the minutes posted in the wiki itself instead of an
> downloaded ODT file. Just for ease of use.
> -Nathan
> On 3/12/2012 9:14 AM, Rick Osgood wrote:
>> I just wanted to let everyone know that our minutes from our past
>> board meetings are online if anyone is interested.  You can view them
>> here:
>> https://www.eugeneweb.com/wiki/Sites/EmsMinutes
>> We are trying to keep this list updated after each board meeting.  Let
>> me know if you have trouble accessing them.
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