[EMS Discuss] The "official" forum is getting spammed

Mon Mar 12 18:43:10 PDT 2012

That's interesting, thanks for pointing that out Nathan. Yes those 
accounts did get created but I only see that
asd123 tried to post anything, and that was caught in the moderation 
queue as it should be. I'm looking for the other's messages but it says 

As we discussed before we can adjust the number of messages someone must 
send that must be approved by the moderator. I'm not sure about this but 
wouldn't it be cool if that number of posts had to be actually approved 
before they could get out of the "moderation box". If true, then the 
spamers could only create accounts which will eventually be cleaned up 
like so much garbage. Additionally it's possible delete all of someones 
posts with their account but that may not even be necessary.

Well as far as tradeoffs go, allowing genuine users easy account 
creation may be worth the trouble of deleting unused spam accounts once 
in awhile. There shouldn't be that many because there is a captcha test. 
On the other hand, there is a point of moderation either way. The 
Moderators either have to approve accounts or approve posts. I've found 
that asking them to fill out a form item like say "What are your 
interests" Doesn’t always work. eg, James didn't and I had to ask him if 
that account with a different email address was actually him. So.... It 
might be easier to just wait and see what their first post is.


InEugene wrote:
> Looks like spam 7 accounts were created. Only one new post by one of 
> the spam accounts. 2 Friday, 2 Saturday, 1 Sunday, 2 today. Odd, the 
> links they posted are mostly German. No spam on the "unofficial" 
> forums I created. Neither accounts nor posts. Not sure why that is.
> - Nathan
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