[EMS Discuss] [Member Meeting Motion] Motion for Membership Meeting

Thu Mar 15 10:51:31 PDT 2012

All due respect to Cliff,

I made it a "motion" so it would have to be open to the all members at the
Membership meeting specifically to choose best direction of action in a
group/collective discussion.

I personally don't want a solution made and presented to the members in a
maner of "aprove of something already made".

Again, I personal want the topic to be openly discussed for all the
features to the full members (or those that choose to attend) as they may
come up with things they would want that was not on the radar of a small
closed meeting group of individuals (board meeting).

Not, cranky, not butt hurt.  A solution ready made is not what I wanted,
thus the "Motion" and Ellery did a second.  So it's up to other's to agree
or not.
Roberts Rules 'ish?

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 10:40 AM, Mr. Clif <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Yes James,
> We have been working on that problem for a few weeks. I have suggested a
> system where members can log into a website to check their account status.
> We have most of the software but are still playing with it, and checking
> that it will work for us. Thanks for the nudge. :-)
>    Clif
> James Hukill wrote:
>> I make a motion that there be some process for feedback (email, posted on
>> page, etc, TBD) when monthly dues have been received and credited to
>> members.
>> Reason is, I send money off and never know that I was credited. [Black
>> Hole?]
>> *--James*
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