[EMS Discuss] First Membership Meeting - Topics

Thu Mar 15 21:57:09 PDT 2012

You guys (in the gender neutral sense) HAVE been busy!

My goal is to make the 21st March meeting.  Pick-up my key and join in 
the chat.

I'd like to echo an earlier point of discussion and that is financial 
transparency.  As a member I'd like to know what mechanisms are in place 
for me to see where my monies are going.

Also, and this one will come as no surprise to either Rick or Clif, what 
liability coverage do we have / need to have e.g., theft, someone loses 
an eye through freak paperclip accident &c.  Also, who is liable? 
Members?  The Board?  I'd hate to have invested hundreds of $ into this 
space to see it evaporate over low/no-coverage.

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