[EMS Discuss] Proposals for membership meeting

Mon Mar 19 15:37:02 PDT 2012

If anyone has any more proposals for the membership meeting, please email
them to the Discuss list today at some point.  We need to lock down the
agenda so everyone knows what to expect at the meeting.  We already have a
very full agenda.  Here is what we have on there so far:

   1. Members need to fill out the membership form and waiver if they have
   not already.
   2. Updates on the Comcast Internet situation and 501c3 status.
   3. Discuss and decide on transferring hosted services.
   4. Discuss the mailing lists / Forums
      1. We need to decide what medium we want to use as a group.  Mailing
      lists, Forums, or both somehow?
      2. Then we can decide how do we handle post searchability?
       Completely public? Locked down?
      3. How do we handle email address obfuscation?
      4. James proposed that we use phpBB instead of the current forums.
   5. Formalize a process for making proposals.
      1. How can members submit topics for meetings?
      2. Do proposals require another member to second them before being
      added to the agenda?
      3. When should we stop accepting new proposals and lock down the
   6. Should be post the board/membership meeting minutes in the wiki
   rather than as attachments to the wiki?
   7. Discuss possible member dues payment feedback systems

If you have anything you need added to the agenda for this meeting, please
submit your proposal today.

Thank you
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