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Mon Mar 19 15:42:05 PDT 2012


I will be making a member board in the shared "office" space. There are
several advantages so knowing the face and name of your fellow members
(both inside and out of the shop) some of which may include knowing their
other areas of expertise,  which may or may not be a benefit to you and
your projects.  It's also nice to just know each other, and who is the
board members.

That said, there will be a future member to the shop there on this
Wednesday night (Jason Petorak <http://petorak.com/>), who is much better
at taking pictures (and focused on taking pictures instead of attending the
meeting) than I for the "member" wall.  If you do not want your photo
taken, please say so when the very tall man with a camera comes your way.
If you want to be attired in a specific way (like Ben Hallert in
his fez hat), you know have *notice* to plan accordingly.

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