[EMS Discuss] RFID Door - MK 2

Tue Mar 20 13:52:07 PDT 2012

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Hey guys,

James and I are working on Version 2 of the RFID door
system. Our current system works, and is impressive
considering the time that was spent putting it together!
After deployment, though, we have identified the following
areas that we wish to improve upon:

Adding users is difficult and requires a computer
Notification that door is open is minimal - current LED is
very DIM and no audio feedback
Opening the door requires pulling then pushing the door -
possibly due to door jam swelling?
No logging of entry/exit
No 'Open House' mode (perma-unlock the door for x hours) for

We have several other 'enhancements' that we are planning to
put into place as well. Before we go too far, I thought it
would be a good idea to hear from you guys to see what else
you would like to see in this project! For example... would
you like a tweet or FB post when you entered? Or a lock-down

If you are interested in contributing, let me know! I'm
using an arduino as the brain, so if you want to learn some
about arduino programming or want to help, I am more than
willing to give you my code to look at. I have a Google Docs
share out with some additional information (project scope,
BOM, code, etc.) that I am willing to share out with anyone
that wants to participate in the project.


-- Ellery
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