[EMS Discuss] Proposals for membership meeting

Tue Mar 20 17:32:03 PDT 2012

Hey Bob,

I was down there a couple weeks ago and I had EMS in mind, it was pretty 
bare at the time. Lots of busted stuff and battery powered stuff w/o 
batteries. I think if we could flesh out a list of what we need/want in 
the tools department that would help a lot in procurement.

- Nathan

On 3/20/2012 4:24 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
> A week or two ago, Mark Danburg-Wyld posted that we might
> be able to get some nice tools from BRING Recycling.  As
> far as I know, nobody ever followed up on that.
> If nobody has followed up, I'd like to propose an agenda item
> that we appoint someone to take the lead on that project.
> On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 3:37 PM, Rick Osgood<EMAIL HIDDEN>  wrote:
>> If anyone has any more proposals for the membership meeting, please email
>> them to the Discuss list today at some point.  We need to lock down the
>> agenda so everyone knows what to expect at the meeting.  We already have a
>> very full agenda.  Here is what we have on there so far:
>> Members need to fill out the membership form and waiver if they have not
>> already.
>> Updates on the Comcast Internet situation and 501c3 status.
>> Discuss and decide on transferring hosted services.
>> Discuss the mailing lists / Forums
>> We need to decide what medium we want to use as a group.  Mailing lists,
>> Forums, or both somehow?
>> Then we can decide how do we handle post searchability?  Completely public?
>> Locked down?
>> How do we handle email address obfuscation?
>> James proposed that we use phpBB instead of the current forums.
>> Formalize a process for making proposals.
>> How can members submit topics for meetings?
>> Do proposals require another member to second them before being added to the
>> agenda?
>> When should we stop accepting new proposals and lock down the agenda?
>> Should be post the board/membership meeting minutes in the wiki rather than
>> as attachments to the wiki?
>> Discuss possible member dues payment feedback systems
>> If you have anything you need added to the agenda for this meeting, please
>> submit your proposal today.
>> Thank you
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