[EMS Discuss] How about a Projects list?

Thu Mar 22 15:07:16 PDT 2012

This seems like something that should wait until after our membership
meeting.  At the meeting we will be discussing whether or not we even want
to keep mailing lists or move to forums.  So rather than setup a new list
and hope people want to use it, maybe it would be better to wait until the
meeting so we know what a majority of members want?


On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 1:43 PM, Mr. Clif <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> We've had some people express an interest in a projects mailing list that
> is just for projects. Right now we have just one list for all our traffic,
> and at times it can be a bit much. So lets give it a try, and if it's not
> popular we can always delete it.
> I'm sorry It's taken me awhile to get around to this, I've been falling
> behind on some of my duties, and am quite behind on non-ems stuff. Which is
> one reason we are looking for more EMS sysadmins. Please send an email to
> EMAIL HIDDEN if you would like to volunteer. :-)
> My suggestion is we have one or just a few topics for each project. Like
> "Near Space Balloon" Or "RFID DOOR - MK 2" etc... Then it will be easy for
> the people on mailing lists to filter based on subject, and the people on a
> forum to filter based on topics they are subscribed to.
> You can subscribe here:
> http://eugenemakerspace.com/**mailman/listinfo/com.**
> eugenemakerspace.projects<http://eugenemakerspace.com/mailman/listinfo/com.eugenemakerspace.projects>
>    Just a thought, :-)
>    Clif
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