[EMS Discuss] Makerbot training with RickO

Fri May 4 13:38:36 PDT 2012

I just added an event to the EMS calendar titled "Makerbot Training with
RickO!".  I scheduled it for Saturday, May 12 from 1:00PM to 3:00PM.  I
know there are several people who have been wanting to learn to use the
Makerbot.  I hope to use this time to teach anyone who is interested so you
can all get "certified" to use it.  I'm not sure if it will take the entire
2 hour time block but I scheduled it that long just in case.

If you are planning on attending, please shoot me an email so I can get an
idea of roughly how many people will be there.  If you can't make it, don't
sweat it.  I can teach you how to use it some other time that works for us
or I can hold another class like this on another day in the future.

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