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Sun May 13 23:42:49 PDT 2012

Just got this to the board mailing list. Thought some members might be
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Date: May 13, 2012 11:41 PM
Subject: [EMS Board] Win a MakerBot Replicator - deadline in 24 hours!

Greetings makers & hackers (are there any phreakers still out there!?),

I realize this is a two minutes to midnight notice, but I also thought many
of you might be interested.

MAKE is giving away five - count 'em 5! - MakerBot Replicators, in their
Project Remake contest. The deadline is tomorrow, Monday May 14 at 11:59PM
PST (full disclosure, I freelance for Maker Faire). Chances are you already
have a project worthy of entry - Project Remake is looking for
scrap/upcycle/reclaim material projects, built from would-be trash or


Think junk-bots, or salvage builds, or hacks around the home. Very simple,
it only takes two photos, one paragraph and a project title to enter!

Furthermore, of the 5 winning projects, one will be chosen by the public to
receive an expenses-paid trip to NYC in September for World Maker Faire.

I hope this doesn't come across like spam - with less than 100 entries, the
odds are quite good and I'd love to see a maker or hackerspace member win
these prizes.


Additionally, if any of y'all will be at Maker Faire Bay Area next weekend,
I'll be manning the Midway - stop by, say hi, I'd like to meet and hear or
see what you've been up to.

Nick Normal

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