[EMS Discuss] Maker Faire Eclipse!

Tue May 15 09:53:10 PDT 2012

Hi Gang!

For those of you going to Maker Faire this weekend, just a reminder 
about the annular eclipse of the Sun on Sunday. If you leave MF around 
2:00 PM plus/minus depending on traffic, according to google maps you 
will get to Redding around the time of it's fullest occlusion (the 
annular portion) of the Sun. Actually you would want to be just a bit 
north of Redding. Anyway, the times for that part of the country are:

Start:         5:12 PM
Annular:    6:26 - 6:32 ish...
End:           7:36

Here is a great article on the dos and don'ts of eclipse viewing:
How to make a pinhole box for viewing:

     Have fun! :-)

Mr. Clif wrote:
> Mr. Clif wrote:
>> Hey gang,
>> There will be a partial eclipse of the sun late in the afternoon the 
>> Sunday of Maker Faire:
>> http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OH2012.html#SE2012May20A
>> http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OHfigures/OH2012-Fig02.pdf
>> http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OHtables/OH2012-Tab03.pdf
> For those who left a few hours early you could see full annular 
> eclipse around weed CA, up to Medford OR.
>>     Ciao,
>>     Clif

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