[EMS Discuss] Posting YOUR project updates to eugenemakerspace.com!

Tue May 29 17:44:41 PDT 2012

Greetings Starfighters!

You can now get an account on eugenemakerspace.com for posting
projects updates!  Your account will be an 'Author' role meaning you
can write and publish entries on your own.  With this tremendous power
comes grave responsibility.  Here are guidelines and tips:

1. When posting, please be specific about the fact that you're posting
an update on your own project.  For this to work, we can't have a
hundred people claiming to represent the Eugene Maker Space itself;
that burden must lie directly upon the shoulders of the Board.  So
choose your language carefully!

2. Use 'Posts:Add New' to post. When posting, use the category 'Member
Projects' (under Categories on the right side of the page) and use the
'Tags' field below for words to describe your specific project.  For
example, if you're writing about an update on your Freeze Ray (not Ice
Ray, that's Johnny Snow's), use the category 'Member Projects' and tag
it with 'Freeze Ray' and each subsequent post do the same.  The tags
are a useful way to group related posts together and quickly tell
people what a post is about.

3. The editor is fairly WYSIWYG and you can upload images. You can
also embed YouTube videos by pasting in the URL to the video and
changing it from http:// to httpv:// (use httpvh:// if it's in HD).
For example, if I want to post this video of mine
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5RzmVC21CY), I would modify the link
to be: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5RzmVC21CY instead.  99% of
your questions on how to post content and images will be answered
through Google searching, but drop me an e-mail if you need further
assistance.  :)

Remember, you're posting to the front page of the site so spell-check,
make sure your links work, size your images appropriately (just
because you browse on a 1920x1080 display doesn't mean everyone else
does), and make it look good.

"Mr. Hallert," you ask, "how can I get access to this wondrous new
'First, please call me Ben. My father's name is Mr Hallert!' I joke
awkwardly, but seriously, the way to get access is to mail me and I'll
create an account for you and give you the URL to login.  That's Phase
I.  Phase II (if there aren't enough people posting) involves me
harassing some of you in e-mail.  "C'mon," I'll cajole, "have an
account and post stuff!"  I may have a technique for emulating the old
<blink> tag from legacy HTML, so avoid that by getting your
credentials now.  Phase III will feature some raccoons I anticipate
capturing and training to do evil and nobody wants that.  Probably.

Drop me a line and let's get some life into the site!  We're all doing
different interesting things, it's time to show some of them off!  If
you've got any ideas on other categories members may want or
interesting things we can add to liven things up, let me know.

Your next email should be directly to me (don't hit reply, silly) at
EMAIL HIDDEN and should go something like this:

"Dear Ben,

Long time listener, first time caller.  Gosh, I sure would like to
post updates about my AWESOME project to the website!  Be a pal and
sign me up!

Your biggest fan,


(season to taste, substitute addresses and phrasing where needed)


- Ben

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