[EMS Discuss] More Open Hours?

Thu May 31 11:11:31 PDT 2012

Hey Everyone,

I've been thinking that it would be nice to see people down at the shop
more often.  Friday nights are the most popular since they are our "open
house" nights and we are always open from 6-8.  It's a great night because
there are always a bunch of people there.  It's the one night a week our
members know we will be open and there will be people there to hang out
with.  I was thinking how awesome it would be if we could somehow manage to
have this type of thing Monday through Friday.  I've been thinking about it
for a while but I thought maybe our membership was still too small to make
it happen.

Ellery and I are going to start heading to the shop on Tuesday nights from
6-8, so we are thinking of sticking that on the calendar as open hours.
 That would give us two nights per week we are open to new members without
keys, and it gives non-members another chance to check us out if Fridays
didn't work for them.  It also gives out members another night of the week
they can just stop by if they are free and they know people will be there
hanging out working on stuff.

I really wanted to send this email to see if anyone else was interested in
hosting open hours on another night of the week.  Do any of you find
yourselves at the shop on a particular night of the week regularly?  Is
this something you would like to do?  The responsibilities of "opening the
shop" would basically be just making sure it's open during the advertised
times and finding someone to cover for you if you can't make it one night.
 And if no one can cover for you then you just need to send out a notice so
everyone knows it will be closed.

I'm curious what your thoughts are.  Is anyone interested in this idea?
 Even if you can't volunteer to take a night I'm curious what you think of
the idea.  I think it will help build a sense of an active community and
also give us more opportunities to bring in new members.

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