[EMS Discuss] Nearspace balloon

Thu May 31 14:37:02 PDT 2012

Let's get this project back off the ground.  We need to figure out where we
left off and what is left to do.  Off the top of my head I can think of the
following things:

1) Finish the payload chassis, make sure it is strong enough and won't fall
apart in the air.
2) Ensure the chassis has a way to attach to the balloon and parachute
3) Test out the APRS tracking system and fit it securely into the chassis.
4) Securely fit the camera into the chassis
5) Purchase lithium batteries for everything.
6) Determine weight of the full completed payload
7) Purchase a balloon that can lift the payload and then some (purchase at
least 2 so we have an extra)
8) We need to figure out how much lifting gas we need and what it will
cost. Also, helium or hydrogen?
9) Get APRS ground tracking stations together so we can track this thing
from vehicles.

Those are some of the main steps I know we have left.  I can work on
completing the balloons GPS/APRS tracking system since I almost had it
completed anyway.  I also have a ground station that I know works but I can
get it back out and test it.  Having a second ground station would be a
good idea if anyone else has the gear to make that happen.

Lets get some volunteers to get the rest of this stuff done.  When it comes
to purchasing stuff, lets just get the research done so we know how much it
will cost, then bring the cost back to the group so we can raise funds
together to purchase the supplies.

Other ideas? Thoughts?  A better way to do this?  I just want to give this
project a kick so we can go to near space!

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