[EMS Discuss] Eugene Maker Space Flyer

Mark Danburg-Wyld EMAIL HIDDEN
Sun Nov 11 20:00:38 PST 2012

What happened to the picture of the space-ship? I was looking forward
to seeing that in color... :-)

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 1:52 PM, Robert Meyer <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> I put together a tentative flyer for advertising EMS. I ran it past some
> folks on Friday night and it was suggested that I post it for distribution.
> Before It goes out as a final version though, I want to give everyone an
> opportunity to do a little editing to see if there is a way it can be
> improved on (see attached copy). Make any changes you'd like to see to the
> document and send it to me at EMAIL HIDDEN
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