[EMS Discuss] I'm thinking ahead (for once) about Christmas...

Mon Nov 12 12:26:15 PST 2012

I agree with Mark about the grillework.  (Is that Mark D-W?)  The printer
does much better with complex shapes lying flat than with vertical shapes.

I would be willing to try the lid as one piece, but without the star
cutouts.  (Use a cutout that doesn't have a horizontal overhang.)  The
slope of the lid violates the 45° rule, but it is well supported by the
adjacent sides.  It might not work, but it's worth a try.

If you made the lid as five separate panels, you'd have to thicken it so
that each inside surface was flat against the printer's bed.  But you could
use the star cutout.  The plastic's grain would be parallel to the inside
surface, which might add interest to the piece.

I don't have much experience with joining printed panels.  Rick has told me
that interlocking shapes generally don't work, as the printer doesn't make
the shapes precise enough.  I think good old plastic modeling cement would
join ABS, but I haven't tried it.  You might make the panels slightly
oversize, then sand them down for a good mating surface.  But I'm just

Keep in mind that Rick's printer at EMS has a 4" bed, so this would have to
be a pretty small lamp.  And allow yourself at least 8-10 hours to print
the first lamp.  Duplicates will go quicker, since you will know what works.

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 9:35 AM, John Burridge (Google+) <

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> I'm thinking ahead (for once) about Christmas.  I thought I'd go to the
> Eugene Maker Space and try to print a holiday lamp (um, why, yes--I have
> been reading about Moroccan tile...).
> Mark and I were discussing the design (A, will relatives like it; and B,
> will this actually print?)  Mark seems to think the lid wouldn't print and
> that printing the grillework as one piece wont work.  He thinks the grilles
> should be printed flat and then assembled later.
> I haven't joined all the pieces together in...
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