[EMS Discuss] Membership Meeting 9/29/2012 Notes

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Tue Oct 2 01:07:34 PDT 2012

Eugene Maker Space Membership Meeting 9/29/2012 Notes

Members Present:


   Bob Miller (discussion leader)

   Kassandra Kaplan

   Ben Hallert

   Darrell Perko

   Mark Danburg-Wyld

   New guy, forgot name (sorry)

   Ionel Pusca (technically present :-)

   Weston Turner

Meeting started at roughly 1:20pm.

Discussion Topics:


   Changing the meeting time (how self referential):


   Action item: Preference voting using Doodle (again). Darrel elected to
   head this up

   My 2 cents: although mid afternoon on a Saturday is perfectly doable for
   me, It would seem that having the meeting earlier (9am perhaps) would be a
   good start to a Saturday. It would get us up and out of bed and be a good
   kickstart to the day rather than an interruption to it. It is plausible
   that the average Maker Space member would have big plans on a Saturday and
   want more continuity in the day.


   Shop Floor plan:


   Action item: Move Red-Bull project to upper level next to Tesla Coil.

   Action item: Label things, I suggest labeling tool cases as a high
   priority since it is not always obvious what is inside them, and one must
   spend time searching through them in order to find out.

   Vote: Label personal things, If your name is not on your stuff by some
   time in November, then it becomes shop property. Decided in the affirmative

   W tentatively enlisted James Hukill (in absentia) as the manager of
   space and junk

   Discussion topic: Do we want a couch in the shop? opinions were mixed.
   We want to open this topic up to wider discussion.


   Finances: We are broke


   We need more members and more creative ways to raise money

   Action item: Advertise on Craigslist, UO, LCC, and the Science Factory
   (forget who elected to head this up but you know who you are).

   Discussion topic: Time banking. We initially thought it would be a good
   idea to require key-holders to work for an hour each month doing shop
   improvement. But then we all turned against the idea (curious...) I still
   think time banking is a good idea, but we would need to develop a good
   accounting system for it and be careful not to alienate members by creating
   a teared membership structure.


   Shop Jobs


   Action item: Create a list of jobs that need to be performed
   periodically in the shop. Kassie elected to head this up.

   Vote: Create a checklist of tasks that will be performed after the open
   house nights and before closing the shop. For example: take out the trash,
   vacuum and sweep, etc.. Decided in the affirmative unanimously. Ben,
   Kassie, and Weston will head up the creation of the list and the criteria
   for executing each task, e.g., trash above a certain level, made a big mess
   with the drill press..

   Vote: Perform a quarterly shop cleanup. Decided in the affirmative

Meeting adjourned at 2:30.

Best Regards All, Weston
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