[EMS Discuss] Rick's 3d printer report.

Kassandra Kaplan EMAIL HIDDEN
Fri Oct 5 17:27:37 PDT 2012

I've been working on a few profile for ricks printer.

A .35mm, or 350 micron, standard print quality.  This profile replaces my old profile.  This profile has better z-height accuracy, reversing and speed. The quality is not as good but close. 90% complete

A .2mm, 200micron, medium quality print.  The settings work but are not dialed in. 75% complete

A .1mm, 100 micron, high quality.  This setting is not ready for use yet. 20% complete.

A .05, 50micron, very high detail setting.  Unstarted but I expect this will Be as low as this machine will go given the half stepping controllers.

Upgrades possiblity:
If we upgrade the firmware more refinement in each quality setting could be achieved.  The issue is that makerbot firmware uses an a axis instead of the standard e axis.  A script could be written to fix this.

Alternately new electronics could give greater improvement all around.  Using a ramps shield, azteeg, or other marlin capable electronics would allow printing down to .01 mm or 10 microns and the most up to date softwares. This would also fix the a axis problem.

Dual extruder:
With an electronic upgrade or the buying of a second extruder control, 70 dollars could allow an upgrade to dual extrusion set up.

Is possible with filament change protocol and new setting.  May improve max print quality, but hot days can soften this material.

Current issues:
E axis vs A axis
Filament tensioner- due to the improved retraction the filament tension needs tightening with every hour or so of about a quarter turn.  This seems overly finicky.  A pinch wheel clean might be in order.


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