[EMS Discuss] Fwd: [EMS Board] I am looking for someone to do some 3-D scanning and printing

Mon Oct 8 19:43:50 PDT 2012

Does anyone here have a line on a 3D scanner?
Want to help this guy out?

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From: Paul Kirsch <EMAIL HIDDEN>
Date: Mon, Oct 8, 2012 at 6:29 PM
Subject: [EMS Board] I am looking for someone to do some 3-D scanning
and printing

I** have a model that I would like scanned and 3-D printed. Is there
anyone there that can do this or do you have some one you recommend?
Even just doing the scan would help.
I think I would like a high gloss plastic or metal used and also some
transparent plastic.
** The project is a little complex in that I am in California and the
model is actually with a friend in the Eugene area. We don't want to
part with it for the job, so I will come up and supervise the job with
the friend.

Does someone there have the equipment for this or could you refer me?
What kind of prices might be for this? Not sure when the job would
commence but want to plan.

the model is attached.


Best, P.

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