[EMS Discuss] Radio Lab Synthetic Biology piece

Thu Oct 11 15:14:46 PDT 2012

Hi guys,

a while back there was a cool piece on NPR about bioengineering, and 
included was this funny song. Here is the short version of the story:


The long version of the podcast is here:


and at about 12:48 minutes into it the song starts.

Or here is just the song:


Lyrics below:

*The Bioengineers Song*

    /The road ahead is bright and clear/
    /because we’re bioengineers!/

    We’ll fix the problems of today
    by building stuff with DNA!
    We’re splicing genes, we’re building creatures,
    adding extra useful features.
    No more waiting; Darwin’s done!
    Swapping genes is much more fun!

    /The road ahead is bright and clear/
    /because we’re bioengineers!/

    /I’d rather be swapping genes! /

    It’s mankind’s only fighting chance:
    designer genes (not denim pants)
    will stop disease and green house gases!
    Sequencing nucleic acids,
    cracked the code, we’ve seen the light.
    We’re building stuff, we’re building life!

    /The road ahead is bright and clear
    because we’re bioengineers!/

    /We’re building stuff!/

See ya,

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