[EMS Discuss] Bigger space?

Thu Oct 25 12:10:22 PDT 2012

We recently switched our lease agreement at our current shop location to a
month to month lease.  It's a bit more expensive but we are hoping that
after our upcoming membership drive we might get enough members to consider
moving to a larger location.  There is also always the option that we could
all decide as a community to pay higher dues in return for more space.
 Regardless of how it works out, I wanted to start looking around to see
what's available.  There are some nice looking spaces available right now
on craigslist.  I thought I would list some of the better ones here so we
could all see what is possible.

$999  / 40,000ft  - http://eugene.craigslist.org/reo/3247697393.html   -
seems unlikely this price is correct. And is in Springfield technically.
$1150 / 2880ft² - http://eugene.craigslist.org/off/3349165635.html
$1200 / 2400ft  - http://eugene.craigslist.org/off/3340809423.html
$1400 / 3200ft  - http://eugene.craigslist.org/off/3357487357.html

Our current location is about 1000sqft, maybe a bit less, and we pay $490
per month.  So you can see that for the most part the square footage is
pretty proportional to the price.  Other things to consider is
heating/cooling, electrical situation (3-phase power? 240v?), bathrooms,
location, etc.

If anyone knows of any good potential spaces, please say so here so we can
check them out.  Maybe we can get a deal using our 501c3 sponsorship.  I'm
hoping to get people excited about the possibility of moving to a bigger
and better space so we can all work together to increase our membership
count or do whatever we have to do to make EMS better.

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