[EMS Discuss] Membership Meeting Today

Sat Oct 27 09:43:19 PDT 2012

Just a reminder that our membership meeting starts today at 1:00PM at the
shop.  I completely forgot until last night that I'm supposed to be going
to the football game today so unfortunately I can't make it.  Kevin, if you
can't make it to the meeting today, can you please send the financial
information to Bob so he can talk about it at the meeting?

I'm sorry I can't make it today, I had a few topics that I wanted to
discuss with everyone and get some feedback on.  I can just list them here
and if you all want to talk about them, feel free.

1) Kevin and I started arranging our larger wood working tools into one
area so that we can more easily use them without having to set them up each
time.  I was also thinking it would be nice to keep our wood working tools
in that one corner so we have an obvious use for that area.  I'm curious if
you all agree that separating that stuff out into one spot makes sense.

2) I'm starting to build a welding booth in the shop.  The idea is to make
a 6ft x 6ft x 6ft curtain over near the 240V power outlet between the work
bench and that larger white desk.  We would have to move the black shelves
there.  My idea was to put a welding table against the wall and get a
welding cart to hold the welder and some other gear.  Then have a curved
curtain rod over the area with a welding curtain.  This way, when the
welder is not in use we can pull back the curtain and keep the area open.
 But if someone wants to weld, they can easily just close the curtain to
protect everyone else.  I intend to put a fan in there as well to bow the
fumes out of the booth.  Better ventilation would be nice but that would
probably come later.  The main reason I want to do this is to make the
welder easy for people to use and learn how to use.  It's a big pain now to
have to pull all that stuff out when you want to use it and then find a
surface you can actually weld on.  Plus we have no way to protect the other
members from the bright flashes.  I've already started making the curtain
rod, the two pieces of pipe are over against the wall underneath the potato
cannon on the right.  I wanted to get feedback on this idea too.

I hope the meeting goes well and again I want to apologize for not being
able to make it.

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