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Tue Sep 4 16:11:32 PDT 2012

Challenge accepted.

On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 5:44 PM, Ben Hallert <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Greetings Starfighters!
> You can now get an account on eugenemakerspace.com for posting
> projects updates!  Your account will be an 'Author' role meaning you
> can write and publish entries on your own.  With this tremendous power
> comes grave responsibility.  Here are guidelines and tips:
> 1. When posting, please be specific about the fact that you're posting
> an update on your own project.  For this to work, we can't have a
> hundred people claiming to represent the Eugene Maker Space itself;
> that burden must lie directly upon the shoulders of the Board.  So
> choose your language carefully!
> 2. Use 'Posts:Add New' to post. When posting, use the category 'Member
> Projects' (under Categories on the right side of the page) and use the
> 'Tags' field below for words to describe your specific project.  For
> example, if you're writing about an update on your Freeze Ray (not Ice
> Ray, that's Johnny Snow's), use the category 'Member Projects' and tag
> it with 'Freeze Ray' and each subsequent post do the same.  The tags
> are a useful way to group related posts together and quickly tell
> people what a post is about.
> 3. The editor is fairly WYSIWYG and you can upload images. You can
> also embed YouTube videos by pasting in the URL to the video and
> changing it from http:// to httpv:// (use httpvh:// if it's in HD).
> For example, if I want to post this video of mine
> (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5RzmVC21CY), I would modify the link
> to be: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5RzmVC21CY instead.  99% of
> your questions on how to post content and images will be answered
> through Google searching, but drop me an e-mail if you need further
> assistance.  :)
> Remember, you're posting to the front page of the site so spell-check,
> make sure your links work, size your images appropriately (just
> because you browse on a 1920x1080 display doesn't mean everyone else
> does), and make it look good.
> "Mr. Hallert," you ask, "how can I get access to this wondrous new
> functionality?"
> 'First, please call me Ben. My father's name is Mr Hallert!' I joke
> awkwardly, but seriously, the way to get access is to mail me and I'll
> create an account for you and give you the URL to login.  That's Phase
> I.  Phase II (if there aren't enough people posting) involves me
> harassing some of you in e-mail.  "C'mon," I'll cajole, "have an
> account and post stuff!"  I may have a technique for emulating the old
> <blink> tag from legacy HTML, so avoid that by getting your
> credentials now.  Phase III will feature some raccoons I anticipate
> capturing and training to do evil and nobody wants that.  Probably.
> Drop me a line and let's get some life into the site!  We're all doing
> different interesting things, it's time to show some of them off!  If
> you've got any ideas on other categories members may want or
> interesting things we can add to liven things up, let me know.
> Your next email should be directly to me (don't hit reply, silly) at
> EMAIL HIDDEN and should go something like this:
> "Dear Ben,
> Long time listener, first time caller.  Gosh, I sure would like to
> post updates about my AWESOME project to the website!  Be a pal and
> sign me up!
> Your biggest fan,
> (season to taste, substitute addresses and phrasing where needed)
> Regards,
> - Ben
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