[EMS Discuss] Merit badges idea

Ben Hallert - Vipmail EMAIL HIDDEN
Sat Sep 29 14:52:22 PDT 2012

Hi guys,

We has a brief discussion about mAybe having EMS merit badges for demonstrating different skills and encouraging skill development.

My vision:

Each member has a 'sash' (or piece of cloth or plank or whatever) hanging on the wall and they demonstrate proficiency in each area by using that technique to make the badge itself.  

3D printing a badge for that, welding together a badge for that, scrollsawing a badge for that, drillpressing a piece of wood for that, wiring a blinking led for circuitry, etc.

Ideas for demonstrable skills beyond this basic list?  I'm willing to take on documenting and making the display etc if there's interest.

- Ben

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