[EMS Discuss] Red Bull technology recovery

Kassandra Kaplan EMAIL HIDDEN
Sat Sep 29 17:07:55 PDT 2012

I'll follow everyone's lead about tear down.

Regarding parts that I contributed, they can stay with the machine or if removed these are my wishes.

I'm interested keeping any 3d printed parts or custom soldered boards I made: the z-axis carriage, the lovejoy coupling, bar code holder ( if salvage is reasonable). Etc.

Components that I contributed, I am willing to donate or have thrown away: relays boards, servos, el wire, steppers (minus one for the z-axis carriage), etc.

Regarding michelle's iris, she says she doesn't want it.


On Sep 29, 2012, at 2:43 PM, Ben Hallert - Vipmail <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> I propose those who worked on the Res Bull project either schedule a tear down/recovery meeting or call out items they contributed that they would like set aside for pickup. 
> We're relocated the outside cover to the  alcove an have the guts out for inspection.  
> I know some folks contributed devices that may be ready for other projects (stepper motors/drivers, scanners, relay boards, etc).
> Thoughts?
> - Ben
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