[EMS Discuss] EMS youth group for kids?

Elizabeth Phelps EMAIL HIDDEN
Wed Apr 3 11:33:53 PDT 2013


 Hello everyone,
I sent a message (see below) to the EMS board about our interest in a weekend EMS group for young people, but a couple of members mentioned to me that I should really send my message out to this discussion list - especially since there might be people on this list who might know young people who might be interested in a weekend group.  Please see below if you are interested - thanks!

Hello.  I'm Liz Phelps, mom of Joshua and Benjamin, the twin boys who came
>> to your "tools of the trade" show as well as the open house last Friday
>> night.  First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind interest in
>> my boys and the generous help that has already been given.  My boys need
>> some mentors like you all - I am far from mechanically inclined! Secondly, I
>> wanted to float an idea that I've discussed with a couple of members.  We
>> would love if there were a group for young people that met perhaps every
>> other week on a Sunday (or Saturday) afternoon (a time that works better for
>> most young people).  You would  be filling a niche in this town - I
>> certainly haven't found another place where kids who love to invent can
>> share their ideas with each other and get some guidance from experienced
>> adults. I understand that many members might have weekend commitments, but I
>> thought it would be worth asking whether anyone might be interested in this.
>> Best regards to everyone,
>> Liz Phelps


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