[EMS Discuss] Red Bull Creation Ideas

Mon Apr 8 15:50:45 PDT 2013

Well I got at least 5 responses back saying people wanted to be a part of
this.  I figured we could start brainstorming ideas.  That way if we do get
picked to participate in the qualifier we will already be a few steps ahead.

Here are the main things we will want to think about:

1. We must use interactive lighting to create something awesome.
2. We get bonus points for creatively displaying our creation in a public
3. We have to include their Red Bull circuit board somehow.
          a. The board is Arduino Compatible
          b. The board contains a tri-axis accelerometer and a temperature
control sensor. Maybe more?
4. We can use whatever other hardware we want.

Right off the top of my head I've had a few really basic ideas that have
been getting my creative juices flowing:

*Lighting:* LED strips? LEDs, lasers, projector, halogen bulbs?
*Display:* Mount to a huge tethered weather balloon high over Eugene? Hang
or temporarily mount to a bridge in town?  We know some pilots... can we
somehow display it from a plane in flight?  Project onto the side of a

What other crazy ideas can we come up with, keeping in mind all the
guidelines above?
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