[EMS Discuss] Red Bull Creation Ideas

Mon Apr 8 16:52:39 PDT 2013

What about a long walkway in a dark area lit up with many lights all in a
row.  I'm imagining lights all illuminating the path from above.  The catch
is, as soon as you step into the path it goes dark and it only lights up
behind you as you move forward instead of in front of you.  Mocking you.

On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 4:36 PM, Benjamin Hallert <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Screen-less DDR pad that signals which squares you'll need to dance on
> ahead of time with light.  Pad illuminates when you need to step on square
> but also has some sort of pre-step warning light per square etc.
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> On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 4:28 PM, Benjamin Hallert <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> Idea:
>> Big articulated arm that attaches to a lamp post and folds up when
>> inactive.  At night: When someone gets near, it unfolds, shines a spotlight
>> at their feet to light the way and shouts encouragement to them.  "You can
>> do it!"  "No need to slip and fall today!"  "Watch your step, drunky!  Just
>> kidding; my circuits cannot reliably determine your current level of
>> drunkennes", etc.  I envision something kinda like GladOS from Portal
>> almost except 60% less homicidal.   Arduino as interface to hardware like
>> motion detectors, maybe camera based person tracking using Raspberry pi.
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>> On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 3:50 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:
>>> Well I got at least 5 responses back saying people wanted to be a part
>>> of this.  I figured we could start brainstorming ideas.  That way if we do
>>> get picked to participate in the qualifier we will already be a few steps
>>> ahead.
>>> Here are the main things we will want to think about:
>>> 1. We must use interactive lighting to create something awesome.
>>> 2. We get bonus points for creatively displaying our creation in a
>>> public space.
>>> 3. We have to include their Red Bull circuit board somehow.
>>>           a. The board is Arduino Compatible
>>>           b. The board contains a tri-axis accelerometer and a
>>> temperature control sensor. Maybe more?
>>> 4. We can use whatever other hardware we want.
>>> Right off the top of my head I've had a few really basic ideas that have
>>> been getting my creative juices flowing:
>>> *Lighting:* LED strips? LEDs, lasers, projector, halogen bulbs?
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *Display:* Mount to a huge tethered weather balloon high over Eugene?
>>> Hang or temporarily mount to a bridge in town?  We know some pilots... can
>>> we somehow display it from a plane in flight?  Project onto the side of a
>>> building?
>>> What other crazy ideas can we come up with, keeping in mind all the
>>> guidelines above?
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