[EMS Discuss] Red Bull Creation: We're in!

Benjamin Hallert EMAIL HIDDEN
Wed Apr 10 10:23:19 PDT 2013

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On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 10:01 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>

> I just got an email confirmation that our Turbull Encabulator is in the
> mail on its way to EMS!  It's being shipped via USPS from Texas so I'm
> going to guess it will be here some time next week, maybe Wed or Thurs?
> We should keep brainstorming and decide on an idea soon so we can get
> supplies together.  Our creation has to be completed, filmed, and
> uploaded by May 5th at 11:59PM PST.  That gives us about 3.5 weeks to plan,
> build, film, and upload.
> This is going to be fun.
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