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Li Peng, a doctor at the procurement center of the General
Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command of the PLA, thought
"We've long been waiting for such a regulation,"
http://www.143561.com he said.
Without the system, "how can we ensure fair allocation and
bolster public willingness to donate", he noted.
When asked by donor families if the organs only go to the
http://www.143561.com rich and powerful, "I can firmly say
'no' and show them the system", he said.
The first to use the system, the hospital has performed
nearly 40 public deceased organ donations since 2011
involving about 100 organs, he revealed.
Nearly half went to other hospitals and
http://www.143561.com some even went outside Guangdong via
the system.
never received one from others", he
He urged quick introduction of the regulation to address the
problem, which he said is http://www.154562.comcaused
primarily by poor awareness and hospital-based organ
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