[EMS Discuss] Red Bull Meeting Saturday

Thu Apr 11 22:41:08 PDT 2013

After our meeting today we decided we should meet again this weekend to
hopefully allow other people to get involved who couldn't make it tonight.
 We were thinking Saturday morning at 10:00AM at the shop.  Hopefully that
will work for some people who couldn't make it tonight.  At the meeting we
want to plan out the design in more detail and also start distributing work
out to people.  Now a re-cap of what we did tonight:

People present tonight: Rick, Kassie, Michelle, Cord, Marie, Taper, Hovis.

First we went through all the ideas to whittle them down.  Ultimately, we
all came to the conclusion that we liked the "laser target shooting" idea
the best, and it seemed like one of the more feasible ideas too.  Plus, it
turns out that Kassie was already working on a similar idea for a game and
has some circuits already working for her own game that we can use in this
project to help the project move faster.

Then we did some brainstorming to get some general ideas about how it could
be designed and how it could work.  This got us all really excited for this
idea so it seems like this is the one we would like to stick with.  Here's
a general concept we worked up tonight as something to try:


There will be two laser guns.  Each gun will have a RasPi inside with a
camera.  The RasPi will do image processing to detect when the player is
pointing the gun at the target and pulls the trigger.  It will then
transmit hit/miss/etc to the Arduino in the target wall.  They will also
have a laser inside so people can see where they are shooting and to add
more LIGHT.

The target wall will be all lit up and controlled by the Arduino.  The
targets will be rotating flat targets.  As a simple example, picture a
playing card.  In it's normal state it will be sideways so you can't see
either side in order to shoot it.  The target will randomly rotate 90
degrees one way or the other to show one of the two faces.  One side is for
one player to shoot, one side is for the other player.  When someone hits a
target there will be a physical bell that dings.  We liked the idea of
having things physically moving because it gives that feel of a classic
carnival game and it's more interesting to look at.

The wall will be all lit up in LED strips. The color of the LEDs is
determined somehow by whoever is in the lead.  So whoever is taking control
of the points, takes control over more LEDs on the wall.

We want this whole thing built into a bicycle trailer so we can haul it
around downtown and let people play it.

We also talked about making an overall theme of "cowboy robots" or
something similar (geek meets vintage-arcade-shooter).


We had a bunch of other ideas as icing on this cake but I won't mention
them here because they aren't essential to the build.  Kassie has a bunch
of free time tomorrow so she's already looking into using image recognition
with the RasPi to see if it will even work for us.  If not, we'll have to
do target sensing another way.  Taper is going to start looking into the
RedBull arduino library to start getting a handle on that.

Anyone who wants to be involved in this project, please try and show up
Saturday morning so we can nail down the details and assign tasks.  If you
can't make it, let us know what level of involvement you can commit too
over the next three weeks and let us know what you are most interested in
so we can figure out something for you to work on.

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