[EMS Discuss] Red Bull Updates?

Benjamin Hallert EMAIL HIDDEN
Mon Apr 15 09:48:15 PDT 2013

Current status on vision processing: I can recognize circles but not reliable in bad lighting and squares are iffy.
- Ben

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>

> Does anyone have any updates on Red Bull stuff?  Find anything interesting?
>  Good/Bad?
> Cord and I spent a lot of time on Saturday playing with a new idea for
> detecting target hits and misses.  I think it was Craig that came up with
> the idea of having each target emit an Infrared code and having the gun
> detect which code it was pointed at.
> Cord and I tested that idea and it seems like it is working.  We bought a
> bunch of remote controls and modified them so they continuously transmit
> one code over and over.  We got two of them to work properly and it seems
> like we can accurately hit/miss them with the IR sensor placed inside a 1-2
> foot long tube.  We did discover that some remotes cannot be modified in
> this way.  If we can get 9-10 of them that do work though, we should be in
> business.  I hope to test a few more tonight and see if we can get some
> more targets to test.
> I know Ben was still looking into using the RasPi to do image processing as
> a method of detecting hits/misses.  And I think Kassie was still looking
> into using a reflected laser beam.  We were trying a bunch of different
> things since we didn't know which one (if any) would work.  Did anyone get
> any farther with those ideas?
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