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Thu Apr 25 12:36:08 PDT 2013

Thanks, everyone, for coming to Hack Your Hackerspace this week.  We
had a long discussion about what we want in a new space, and made some
concrete progress toward making our current space more usable.  And
we cleaned the shop!

We had a good turnout -- I think 13 people were there.

Let's do it again in May!

On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 8:40 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Hello all!
> The board got together last night and discussed what to do about our
> membership meetings.  We have been attempting to hold them on the last
> Saturday of the month, but often the meetings get cancelled due to holidays,
> conflicting events, or we don't have a quorum.  We've decided to try
> something new to see if it works better for our members.
> We want to add a new event to the EMS calendar called, "Hack Your
> Hackerspace".  This event will be held the Tuesday before our membership
> meetings at 7:00PM  (The Tuesday of the last full week of the month).  The
> idea of this meeting is to get the members together in a more informal
> setting to talk about things that need improving around EMS.  What can we do
> to make EMS better?  What can we do RIGHT NOW to make EMS better?  What do
> the members like about EMS?  What do you really want to change?  This won't
> be an official membership meeting so there won't be any formal voting or
> anything like that.  We won't need detailed minutes, although some general
> notes of takeaways will be a good idea.  We just want a venue for
> communication between the membership and between the members and board.
> We will keep the official membership meetings on the schedule for the last
> Saturday of the month.  We're hoping that these Hack Your Hackerspace nights
> will basically make the membership meetings obsolete so we won't have to
> hold them most months.  But if something comes up that requires the
> membership to vote or have a more formal meeting, the membership meetings
> will always be on the schedule so we can hold the meeting if needed.  Every
> month we'll start a discussion thread to see if anything needs to be
> discussed or voted on at the membership meetings.  If so, we will hold it.
> If not, then it's unlikely we'll get a quorum to hold an official meeting
> anyway.
> We hope this change will still let us get things done but in a less formal
> and more fun way.  We also hope more people will be able to make it to these
> meetings (and will actually want to come).  I've added the first Hack Your
> Hackerspace meeting to the EMS calendar already.  We look forward to seeing
> you there.
> Thanks.
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