[EMS Discuss] [Redbull 2013] Coordinating coding and organization of tasks

Sat Apr 27 17:09:46 PDT 2013

Hi all,

Who is writing the code for the Enturbulator Arduino on the trailer?  I
would like to hammer out a method for getting scoring events as they happen
over serial or something so the barker can respond.  I'm at a phase where I
need to lock down the 'where he sits, how he integrates with the board'
questions too.  My plan is to have a Raspberry Pi in the barker who calls
for people to step right up and all that when a game is not in progress and
comments on shots when it is.

I'll be at the shop later to continue fabbing.

Here's the people that I think I know are working on stuff:

Me - The personality
Kass - The gun enclosure
Rick/Cord? - Gun electronics and targets
The servo-operated targets - ??
The target board fabrication - ??

I missed the planning meeting so if I'm missing people or made mistakes,


- Ben
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