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Mon Apr 29 14:13:29 PDT 2013

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Hands-On Enigma

Mike Koss


Mike Koss is a professional software engineer and amateur cryptographic
machine collector. As a child, he was fascinated by Martin Gardner's book
"Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing". As an adult, he has been able to
acquire an original German Enigma Machine (as well as other more modern
cryptographic machines) that he will demonstrate as well as allow hands-on
use. Mike will give a short introduction to the use of the Enigma by the
Germans, as well as some of the vulnerabilities that enabled it to be
broken by the British at Bletchley Park.

Mike is also a creator of the free-to-download Paper Enigma simulator
(http://mckoss.com/Crypto/Enigma.htm) as well as an audio-visual Enigma
simulator for Android smart phones and tablets (Pocket Enigma - in the
Google Play store). Mike was also an original developer of the Microsoft
applications Excel, Outlook, and SharePoint.

DATE:	THURSDAY, May 2, 2013
TIME:	3:30 p.m. talk, refreshments following talk
PLACE:	220 Deschutes Hall (Colloquium Room), University of Oregon

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