[EMS Discuss] Call for Mentors and Parents: Family Hack Day is 8/17.

Fri Aug 2 19:34:10 PDT 2013

Our next Family Hack Day is in two weeks: Saturday, August 17th from 2:00
to 4:00.  If you can mentor, please volunteer.  If you're a parent, please
bring your kids in.  Thank you.

For those of you who are  new or have forgotten, Family Hack Day is
oriented for kids age 10 and up and their parents.  The kids get to work on
their own projects.  Eugene Maker Space provides tools, (cheap)materials,
and expert assistance.  It was a lot of fun for the mentors last time, and
I think the kids had fun too.

Family Hack Day is not free.  This time we will charge $5-10 on a sliding

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