[EMS Discuss] Printrbot Status Update

Mark Danburg-Wyld EMAIL HIDDEN
Sat Aug 3 12:26:16 PDT 2013


Over the last 5 weeks or so, largely thanks to Clif, we've got this printer
back to "functional". I updated the firmware, tightened a few screws, and
got the last of the abs that came with it onto a reel. Clif tightened up
the belts, added a fan, replaced the power supply, coated most of the bed
with plastic, installed the necessary software on the EMS computer, and
calibrated. Last night and this morning, I printed a replacement tension
idler and replaced that (cracked) piece.

The tension idler came out nearly perfect, but the test "snake" I did today
suffered from y-axis drift - looks like it still skipped a cog off the belt
at one point. I suspect that is at least partially due to the complexity of
that pattern. So - use at your own risk - which was and will always be the
rule - but I'm declaring the printrbot back online.

If you're used to using Rick's MakerBot, there will be a little bit of a
learning curve on software, but it's pretty easy. Use Slic3r to convert
your .stl to .gcode, and then use pronterface to control the printer. Brief
directions are posted on the bulletin board.

Happy printing!
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