[EMS Discuss] Is anyone working on a resin printer?

Thu Aug 8 11:11:17 PDT 2013

Hey Makers,

My name is Ryan Chun. I’m working with a company in the San Francisco Bay
Area called MadeSolid, Inc. Our Company spun out of a Makerspace very
similar to Eugene Maker Space called Ace Monster Toys in Oakland,

After becoming frustrated with the quality coming out of FDM printers, we
spend the last year developing high quality resin to work with SLA printers
and 405nm UV Lasers.

I was curious if anyone at Eugene Maker Space has been working on a Resin
Printer, or if anyone in general is interested in working with resin? We
thought those Makers might be interested in taking our resin out for a spin.

You can find out more info about us and our resin on our website. Shoot me
an email if you are interested. We have a limited supply, so I want to make
sure you guys are taken care of.


Ryan Chun

Website: www.MadeSolid.com <http://www.madesolid.com/>
Instagram: MadeSolid_
Phone number: 510.858.5567
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