[EMS Discuss] Vacuum former fundraiser

Fri Aug 9 14:04:09 PDT 2013

We're finally nearing completion of the vacuum former.  Unfortunately the
last couple of steps require that we spend larger chunks of money in order
to proceed.  I don't have enough money right now to drop on all of this so
I thought I would reach out to the EMS community to see if anyone wanted to
donate some money to the project.  When the vacuum former is completed, it
will live at EMS and be available for all members to use.  That was always
the idea.

The final three steps we have to do are:

1. Purchase, build and install the heating elements ($226.00)
2. Purchase and install the vacuum pump system (~$400-$500 if everything is
3. Install the electrical system (Not sure on the price yet as I have not
researched it)

I'm hoping to try and get the $226 together to order the heating element
kits so we can work on that.  Once that is completed, I intend to update
the group and see if we can organize more funding for the vacuum system.
 When that time comes, I'll have a more detailed plan to show what it
should specifically cost and where that money is going.

The heating element kit really needs to be purchased from this source as
it's one of the most finicky parts of the build.  These kits are designed
specifically for this machine.  The vacuum system we may be able to cut
costs if anyone has a big enough tank (or tanks) and a vacuum pump that can
draw a good enough vacuum.  I'll send more details about that once we get
to that step in the build process.

If you have anything you would like to donate to the cause, please let me
know and we can work it out.


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