[EMS Discuss] SLUG queen

Mark Danburg-Wyld EMAIL HIDDEN
Sun Aug 11 21:49:56 PDT 2013

You may have seen in the paper this weekend that the new SLUG queen is
Professor Doctor, aka Brandy Todd, of SPICE. If that's not immediately
ringing bells for you, SPICE is a science education program at the UO, and
EMS has had a table at the last couple of annual events they do. They have
a focus on promoting young women in science in particular.

I spoke briefly with Brandy after the coronation and said I hoped we could
find an opportunity for Eugene Maker Space to ride on her coattails. She is
interested! She told me about a recent project SPICE had done with the kids
making tabletop pinball machines (which sounds pretty cool to me) and sent
an email today suggesting that EMS, SPICE, and Thinkersmith work together
to make an event around that project. In spirit, this is comparable to the
"family hack day" idea, maybe a little larger. Anyway, both SPICE and
Thinkersmith are kindred organizations, worth helping out, and this would
be a good opportunity for EMS to get some new folks into the shop, get a
little publicity, and so forth.

Just a head's up at this point that something is brewing...

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