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Yay, exciting news Mark!!   I'm glad you were at the coronation to make the

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 9:49 PM, Mark Danburg-Wyld <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:

> You may have seen in the paper this weekend that the new SLUG queen is
> Professor Doctor, aka Brandy Todd, of SPICE. If that's not immediately
> ringing bells for you, SPICE is a science education program at the UO, and
> EMS has had a table at the last couple of annual events they do. They have
> a focus on promoting young women in science in particular.
> I spoke briefly with Brandy after the coronation and said I hoped we could
> find an opportunity for Eugene Maker Space to ride on her coattails. She is
> interested! She told me about a recent project SPICE had done with the kids
> making tabletop pinball machines (which sounds pretty cool to me) and sent
> an email today suggesting that EMS, SPICE, and Thinkersmith work together
> to make an event around that project. In spirit, this is comparable to the
> "family hack day" idea, maybe a little larger. Anyway, both SPICE and
> Thinkersmith are kindred organizations, worth helping out, and this would
> be a good opportunity for EMS to get some new folks into the shop, get a
> little publicity, and so forth.
> Just a head's up at this point that something is brewing...
> Thanks,
> Mark
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