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Wed Aug 14 22:13:48 PDT 2013

You always ask the most interesting questions. (-:

Sure.  Anything is possible.

The disc is probably the easiest part of a disk braking system to
manufacture.  It is just a round thing.  The caliper, master cylinder, and
pads are much harder.  (Especially the caliper.)

You can start with a plate of metal, drill a hole in the center, cut it
round, and drill some other holes for bolts.  Then you have to balance it.
 Those are all fairly high precision operations and challenging for a new
lathe user.  But I think it's possible.

But if you already have caliper, master cylinder, and pads from an existing
brake system, why not use the existing disc too?  Is it a matter of mating
it to a different axle?

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 9:45 PM, Connor Weller <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:

> I was wondering if anybody knows if it would be possible to mill a disc
> for a disc brake?
> Thanks,
> Connor Weller
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