[EMS Discuss] Making a wheel hub?

Thu Aug 15 19:19:34 PDT 2013

Working with metal is a new experience for me so I'm looking
for advice. 

I want to make two hubs for a Segway I'm making. My motor
shafts that they ill fit on are 13/16" dia. with flats on
two sides. 

I imagine I need to get a pipe with a 13/16" inside dia. And
to silver solder two half (partial) rounds into the pipe.
Then add a plate with lugs that the shaft runs through.

If this description is not the way to go please let me

Also, where in the world will I get a pipe with the inside
diameter I want? Would a better option to make this out of
the lathe?

A sort of Monster Truck Segway is the idea.


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