[EMS Discuss] Lathe needs

Mon Aug 26 10:32:03 PDT 2013

Hey folks,

I've got a buddy who's getting into minting coins, and he's interested in
joining the shop.  I'm going to bring him with me the next time I come in
(may that be soon).  Maybe someone can help answer his question about the
lathe, though, because he's most interested in that tool.


On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 7:30 AM, Steve McAllister

> Hi Hovis!
> In the short term, I need to section that axle you gave me into short
> pieces for dies. Turning them out on a lathe will provide nice clean cuts
> that are perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the stock. In the long
> term, I'd also like to be able to dress salvaged stock to perfect round to
> fit into my tooling, and I have plans to make a cylindrical drop hammer out
> of 3" stock that will need to be turned as well.
> Thanks for looking into the maker space for me!
> Steve
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