[EMS Discuss] Tool News at Eugene Maker Space

Tue Aug 27 20:54:43 PDT 2013

We've got some new tools and supplies in our space.

The table saw now has three blades. Along with the installed blade,
there is a ripping blade and a fine cut blade in the cabinet under the
woodworking bench.

The Dremel bits and cutting wheels have been replenished.

We have not one but two new drill indices.  EMS got a set of cobalt
bits, and Austin independently got us a set of titanium coated bits.
Both indices are on the tool shelves, and both are marked with
friendly reminders to put the bits away.

We have sandpaper: an assortment of general purpose, wood, metal, and
wet-dry paper in various grits.  Also on the tool shelves.

Coming soon: new tips for Rick's solder station, another bottle of
acetone, printer cartridges.

And now, a couple of requests.

Can anyone donate a solder wipe sponge?  We have that ball of copper
wool, but sponges are less abrasive and nicer to the tip.

Can anyone take away a bag of trash?  I changed the trash bag, but can
not take the old bag -- we don't have trash service at home.

Thank you!

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN

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