[EMS Discuss] Help us find a new home!

Fri Aug 30 12:22:45 PDT 2013

Also, if any members want to actively participate in the space search,
please speak up.  It will require a time commitment -- you have to
look at a lot of wrong spaces before you find the right space.  A few
members have been trying to do this, but we could definitely use help.

And if anyone has any experience at all with commercial real estate,
whether renting, buying, selling, or anything, please speak up.

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> While things may have calmed down around EMS lately since everyone has been
> out enjoying the summer weather, we are still looking for a new home to
> support our growing membership.  Looking at the survey results from the
> member poll, the top three voted locations for EMS would be:
> Downtown Eugene followed by East Eugene or West Eugene (pretty much a tie on
> those two)
> The top features our members would like to see in a new space are:
> 1. Larger shop space (we currently have 1000sqft)
> 2. The ability to subdivide the space to separate activities
> 3. Larger office space for quiet/cleaner activities
> 4. Within walking distance of local community
> We could really use help trying to find a space.  Our monthly budget for a
> new space will likely be between $1000 and $1300 per month.  That will
> require us to stretch our wallets when possible to make it happen.  We have
> a really nicely written proposal that includes clauses to ramp up the rent
> and utilities costs over time, which means we might be able to get away with
> something more expensive than this if we can grow our member base to match
> the rent increases.
> Keep in mind we may have to compromise on some of the features.  For example
> it will likely cost more to have more space, but it may also cost more to be
> downtown.  We may have to make a trade off on space versus location.  If you
> can find a place that meets some variation of these criteria, please email
> EMAIL HIDDEN and let us know!  We will get in touch with the
> owners and send them our proposal.  Hopefully having more people look for a
> space means we can find one more quickly.
> Thanks for you help!
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