[EMS Discuss] Magnetic Device Troubleshooting

Fri Aug 30 17:55:08 PDT 2013

I have a device overview sketch that I am attaching to this post to help
everyone get a bit of an idea of what the heck they are trying to help me
with :D

On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 6:45 PM, Cord Slatton <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hello All!
> I have a device that I can only say so much about due to an NDA but I am
> having a problem with and need a bit of advice. If I have not given enough
> info or a diagram (though I cannot be too detailed on certain aspects) is
> needed, please let me know.
> Thanks so much!
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have Arduino based controller that turns on a single control board
> input, which turns on one of 4 individual mosfet banks. When a mosfet bank
> is on it allows current to flow which turns on an electromagnet.
> The magnets are hooked to the main power bus, all the same way, one side
> going to positive and one to negative with a mosfet bank keeping it from
> being always on.
> There is a bit of something in the magnet connector that is supposed to
> cancel backflow EMF that could damage the controller, I am not positive
> what is going on with that but it is super simple part wise, and I can get
> the part number and post it if needed.
> This system used to work correctly in the past the way it is wired, but
> not when I had it in my possession.
> Problem: When a magnet is activated another magnet is always active at the
> same time.
> Known Information
>    1. The Arduino controller and the control board are working correctly.
>    It sends a pulse to the correct mosfet bank. The correct indicator light
>    activates and high voltage is sent to the corresponding mosfet bank.
>    2. The mosfet banks seem to be working correctly, only the one
>    receiving a signal activates.
>    3. The magnet that is triggered by the controller does
>    activate(correct behavior).
>    4. The incorrectly triggering magnet is not triggered through
>    induction and proximity does not matter.
>    5. The same pairs of magnets always activate, even if rewired to the
>    power supply in different configurations(magnets 1 & 4, 2 & 3)
>    6. The only way to get a single magnet to activate is to remove it's
>    paired magnet from the machine.
>    7. The Arduino based controller I built is connected thusly: a ground
>    wire to share the circuit's common ground and 4 control wires, each to
>    individually turn on the pins on the device control board that drive the
>    mosfets.
>    8. Changing out the Arduino based controller for another control
>    method(or manual control) does not change the behavior of the machine
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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