[EMS Discuss] Need Volunteers for New Space Committee(s)

Thu Dec 5 10:00:17 PST 2013

At our board meeting last night we were discussing the possibility of
moving into this Wilson space.  We believe that EMS can pull this off but
it's going to take a lot of work.  We simply can't afford the spaces we
want with membership dues and donations alone.  A majority of the work can
be split into two categories; Physical work and Revenue Generation.  We
need volunteers to help us with the workload. * If we don't get a committee
actively working on the below problems, then we will not have the
confidence to sign a new lease and we won't be moving anywhere*.  We need
dedicated volunteers working on this stuff in order to feel at all
confident that we will be able to afford this new space even just a few
months from now.  Here is a very simplified list of things we will need to
do to get your brain thinking about it:

*Physical work - this stuff will mostly be done in the first couple months*
1. Using ~30 days to prep the new building before we move in (electrical
work, etc)

2. Actually moving all of our stuff to the new building and getting rid of
old junk

3. Setting up the space in a way that makes sense and makes good use of
what we have

4. Setting up dedicated areas for new ways to generate income
(conference/presentation/classroom space, office space, etc)

*Revenue Generation - this stuff will have to be planned out as soon as
possible but we need a way to make sure it gets done on an ongoing basis by
the members.*
1. We need to develop classes that our members can teach, find members to
teach them, schedule them, find people to actually sign up and pay to take

2. Figure out how we can rent office space to members/outsiders for more
income, then find those people,

3. Find groups who want to rent out a conference room by the hour and
schedule it.

4. Come up with a good way to schedule all this stuff and make it work.

Again, this is just a very basic look at the work we'll have ahead of us if
we want to expand into an awesome space like the Wilson space.  The board
isn't going to be able to do all of this on their own.  We need volunteers
to help out.  Please respond in this thread if you want to help bring
Eugene Maker Space to the next level.  We expect committee members to meet
as often as they can manage and to work regularly on the problems
identified. * If we don't have a group actively working on these
problems/ideas then we will not be able to sign a new lease*.

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