[EMS Discuss] Donate to 501c3 by shopping Amazon Smile

Sat Dec 14 20:33:36 PST 2013

I found this on the HeatSync Labs mailing list.  You can setup your Amazon
account so that .5% of your purchase price gets donated to the 501c3 of
your choice.  HeatSync Labs hackerspace has their own 501c3 curently so
their members are able to donate just by shopping amazon.  EMS does not
currently have our own 501c3 so we won't be on the list, however you find
The School Factory (they provide us with 501c3 sponsorship) as "School
Factory Inc" or some other organization that you like.  It looks like it
costs you nothing, Amazon just donates a little bit whenever you shop with
them.  Pretty cool!

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